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    Issues when selecting multiple images in LR6.


      I've noticed a few changes to how LR6 behaves when I select multiple images.


      First, if I select a few images in the Library view, I am only essentially "stuck" in those images when I press the left or right arrow keys. In previous versions of LR, hitting the left or right arrow would move to image on either side of the selected images. Now I'm only able to endlessly scroll through the selected images and I have to press the up or down arrow to get out of the selected images. Is there a way to change it back to how it used to work?


      Second, and I think this is related to the first issue, I used to be able to select all images in a collection, press the down arrow and I'd end up at the last image in a collection. Now, it no longer works.


      Anyone else notice either of these things? Have you found a way to change it back to how it's always been?