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    Error Check Activation (tried all advise to no avail, really desperate)


      So I got a new computer, runs windows 8. Installed adobe digital editions. Activated computer. All seems well.

      Went to download an ebook from my public library, get error "Error Check Activation."


      Ok, so I go to erase activation under the help menu. Type in my information and get the message "Unable to erase authorization. Please try after some time."


      So I wait some time and try again. Still doesn't work.


      Ok, so I go to the adobe communities and find some people who have a similar issue. I follow ALL of the instructions, including going into the registry and deleting the the key. Nothing works.


      I've installed and uninstalled 10 or more times, removes all visible files from my systems, removed the key from the registry, etc. Still doesn't work.


      I'm so frustrated at this!  Is there anything else I can do short of wiping my computer clean and trying all over?