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    Disable frame time in Expert view timeline Premiere Elements 12


      In Premiere Elements 12, I am trying to calculate the number of seconds a series of photos should occupy in order to fill a certain time on the timeline. However, when I go to calculate the time to distribute the clips evenly, I keep running into problems because the frame count only goes to 30. Is there a way I can disable the frame count in my timeline? Or are there any special tricks to being able to calculate this accurately? I am really bad at math but still need to figure out how to do this! Or is there a way to automatically put in a length and have selected clips distribute themselves evenly?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          I am going to make a lot of assumptions to give you the detailed overview. If I missed the target, please give more information.


          What are you doing - a Timelapse video  and wanting to know to what duration to set each Timeline photo in the series to order to have the Timelapse video with the total duration to give effect?

          ATR Premiere Elements Troubleshooting: PE: Time Lapse Video Basics


          What is your project preset for the project - are you in a 25, 30, of 60 frames per second project? How many photos are involved?


          I am ready to give you a generalized or customized reply depending on what you are wanting to do in your Premiere Elements project.


          Please let me know if I have guessed right on your intent. If not, please give details since I suspect it is going to be easier for you if I do this by example.


          Here is one example....You have 63 photos each imported into a 30 frames per second project and each having a duration of 5 seconds as set in preferences under Edit Menu/Preferences/General and the Still Image Default Duration = 150 frames (equivalent to 5 seconds). The total duration of that Timeline can be seen in the project as

          9450 frames


          00;05;15;00 (hours; minutes; seconds; frames; 5 minutes 15 seconds).


          You cannot set for a still image duration less than 1 frame (0.0333 seconds).

          00;00;00;01 (hours;minutes;seconds;frames).


          So in this example

          63 photos x how many seconds (duration for each) = total 2 seconds

          2/63 would be 0.0317 seconds.

          If we translated that into frames, the 0.0317 seconds would be equivalent to 30 frames per second x 0.0317 seconds =  0.951 frames.

          Then, using Select All and Time Stretch, set the duration of the selected 63 photos to 1 frame (00;00;00;01).


          To avoid the calculations, you might consider looking at the results from applying 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 second duration to each of the photos on the Timeline and determine which gives the Timelapse look that you want.


          After all that is said and written, if that does not apply to what you are asking, we will rewrite based on the details in your reply.





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            Jmkaden Level 1

            I'm working with a series of photographs that I need to create a slideshow-effect with. I am not doing a timelapse. I have a specific duration of time I need to evenly distribute the clips within. Let's say I have 10 clips that need to be distributed evenly from 3:30;25 to 5:20;15. I am working in 30fps. How would I determine how to distribute evenly?

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Please check out these calculations and see if they work for you. I road tested them, and they seem to meet your requirements.


              You want your 10 photos to be evenly distributed on the Timeline between the marking of

              00;03;30;25 (3 minutes 30 seconds 25 frames) and 00;05;20;15 (5 minutes 20 seconds 15 frames)


              Determine the total space (in time to be filled).....convert everything to seconds....


              The first point is at 3 minutes 30 seconds 25 frames (equivalent to 210.833 seconds)

              (3 minutes = 3 x 60 = 180 seconds; 30 seconds is 30 seconds; 25 frames is 25/30 = 0.833 seconds

              Total Seconds = 180 + 30 + 0.833 seconds = 210.833 seconds)


              The second point is at 5 minutes 20 seconds 15 frames (equivalent to 320.5 seconds)

              (5 minutes = 5 x 60 = 300 seconds, 20 seconds is 20 seconds; 15 frames is 15/30 = 0.5 seconds)

              Total Seconds = 300 + 20 + 0.5 seconds = 320.5 seconds


              Total Space (in time to be filled) = 320.5 seconds - 210.833 seconds = 109.667 seconds

              For 10 photos to fit that 109.667 seconds space, each photo needs a duration of 11 seconds (109.667/10).


              Please review and consider and then let me know if that worked for you. If not, please indicate any problem areas.


              Thank you.