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    Adobe QT32 Server.exe problem!


      I use After Effects CS5 and Premier CS5 on my Windows 7 Ultimate. After working in AE last night I shutdown my computer then when I started my computer today to continue my work in AE it freezes for minutes at start up then says that Quicktime is not installed. I notice that Adobe QT32 Sever.exe doesn´t start when you start AE. And if I start Adobe QT32 Sever.exe manually and then start AE the freeze still happens. I have tried everything everyone have said in all forums on the internet without getting the problem solved. I have reinstalled/upgraded, checked for firewall problem, delete my Adobe folder under user/appdata/roaming and restored my PC to a previous day and none of it helped.


      I also tried to create an new user to my computer and tried to open it from there and that worked fine. Then I tried to copy the Adobe folder from my new user/appdata/roaming to my original user/appdata/roaming but still not working. I also make sure that I had both users setup the same with administrator rights and security levels. If I open the Adobe QT32 Server.exe in my new user and leave it open while I switch user to my original then it will open correctly since Adobe QT32 Server.exe are already open in my other user profile. But why?


      I really want to go to the bottom with this problem now.


      Does anyone know what actually happening when you start AE and how it supposed to open the Adobe QT32 Sever.exe?


      Any ideas appreciated!