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    External edit from collection and add back to collection


      I had no trouble setting up external editing from Lightroom - using either Photoshop or another external editor. I can edit just fine - and save back so that Lightroom sees the file; however, I'm having trouble getting it automatically back into the collection from which the edit happened.


      After importing some large Aperture libraries I have scores of folders and so it's more useful to view the images by Collection, as imported by Lightroom.  The problem that I'm having is that when I select an image from a Collection for editing, the edited file does not get added back to the collection that the original file was in - it only gets added to the folder. It seems that I need to go hunt for the file in the Folder hierarchy and add to the Collection. 


      Am I doing some wrong in my process? Is there some property I need to set or different action I should be taking? Or is this just how it works?


      It seems like a pretty natural activity to select a photo from a collection, edit in Photoshop, save the edits and expect that the photo is added to whatever collection the original was selected from for editing.  But that's not what's happening for me in Lightroom 2015.