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    Been on hold in CHAT for half and hour


      Still on hold in chat room.  I have been trying to install/update lightroom for days. tried every suggestion out there in the forums.

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          I've just joined you waiting for chat. oy vey.

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            tjcpigpen Level 1

            LOL! More like an hour now. Installation problems too?

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              tjcpigpen Level 1

              "We are still assisting other customers, thank you for your patience. You can also try our community forums, where experts are online 24/7."  I NOW HAVE 20 OF THESE MESSAGES IN MY CHAT WINDOW.

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                tjcpigpen Level 1

                Ultimately, after 5 hours, 4 of which I was working with the tech from Adobe, we had to do  what I was trying to avoid from the beginning!!!- Uninstall every single adobe program I own so that we could reinstall CC and therefore install the new lightroom and update photoshop from its last update. Adobe, get your act together and make CS6 stand alone applications, as well as Stand Alone Lightroom, compatible to run side by side with CC. I knew, from my experience during initial installation of CC, that I would likely have to uninstall everything else in order to finally get the upgrade to install, but I did not truly expect that a year later the same problem would still exist.

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                  tjcpigpen Level 1

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                  From: <tjcpigpen@aol.com>

                  Subject: [ Bug Report ]

                  Date: April 29, 2015 at 8:08:00 AM EDT

                  To: <csbugs@adobe.com>



                  The following information was submitted on the Software Feature Request and Bug Report Form for Creative Suite

                  Name                       : Teresa Ciszek

                  Email Address              : tjcpigpen@aol.com

                  Company/Institution        : edgewaterphotos

                  Feature Request/Bug Report : Bug Report

                  Product                    : Creative Suite

                  Product Version            : CS6

                  Product Language           : English

                  Browser                    : Safari

                  Web Server                 :

                  Application Server         :

                  Database                   :

                  Operating System           : Mac OS X Intel based

                  OS version                 : Yosemite

                  OS language                : English

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                  Mobile Device              :

                  HTTPREFERRER               : https://www.adobe.com/cfusion/mmform/index.cfm?event=processform&name=wishform

                  Feedback Report            : ******BUG******

                  Concise problem statement:

                  Steps to reproduce bug:

                  1.CS6 Suite installed and activated

                  2.Creative Cloud Installed

                  3.Attempt to install CC programs including lightroom, bridge, Photoshop

                  Results:Failure to install, hangs,  Had to uninstall all adobe products and install  only CC desktop  again in order to get these programs to successfully install. This was necessary during initial installation of CC and during updates/upgrades. See case #0186590764  Expected results: I expected to be able to seamlessly update to the new version of lightroom on CC Desktop without spending 5 hours in a chat room and ultimately uninstalling every single Adobe program.  Now I have to reinstall my CS6 suite again, and will expect the same problem in future updates.  This bug has not been solved in over a year.