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    I just downloaded Adobe Flash Player, but the installer won't show up


      The integrated Shockwave Flash in my Google Chrome browser kept crashing, so I decided to download a Flash Player outside of Google Chrome. I downloaded it, and came to screen which said I needed to enable Flash Player by double clicking a file called "Adobe Flasher Player Installer". I used the classic shell function (i hate windows 8.1), and nothing came up. I spent an hour searching my computer. Nothing. I re-downloaded the Adobe Flash Player, and this time, the installer came up. I thougth it was finally over! When I tried to watch a video on Crunchyroll, my good friend Shockwave Flash crashed again. I remembered I had to close Chrome in order for Flash to start running. Upon closing and re-openeing Chrome another Adobe Flash Player Installer popped up, and brought me to this link, yet again.

      Adobe - Download Adobe Flash Player

      I don't understand what the issue is here. After my installation attempts, nothing has changed, and Shockwave continues to crash. Does anybody know if I did something wrong, have to change a setting somewhere, or any other reason/solution for this issue. Please help!!