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    Problems I'm Having with InDesign CC

    KrisHunt Level 4

      For the past few months, I've noticed three annoying things happening in InDesign CC. Not sure if they're bugs, or some kind of conflict.


      1. Often, when I try to click a color swatch, nothing will happen. The object/text refuses to accept the new color. If I click it several times in a row, it will sometimes switch to that color.


      2. InDesign beeps for no reason whenever I double click on a page icon or a master page icon, or whenever I single click on a layer in the Layers palette.


      3. I select a layer and paste something onto it. The object appears on a different layer (as evidenced by the stacking order as well as the color of the bounding box), even though "Paste Remembers Layers" is not checked.


      Anybody else experiencing this?


      InDesign on Mac OS 10.10.2