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    lightroom 6 won't download after purchase


      I just purchased LR6 (upgrading from LR4)

      I received a congratulatory email which invited me to start the download.

      Download began and was informed it would take about 22 minutes.

      A couple of minutes in, it hung up.

      I opened the order with the serial number again and it says "We are still processing your order. It could take up to 24 hours. Please check back later"

      On that page though, is the download button which is still hot.

      When I push the download button, nothing happens.

      Under the download arrow button in the top right corner of my Mac, it says "Lightroom_6_LS.11.dmg  Zero KB of ?  The requested URL was not found on this server"

      Hope someone can help?

      Mac Mountain Lion 10.8.5