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    Lightroom 6.1 TIFF metadata issue



      I work in Adobe Lightroom to process photos and move them to MediaBin (4.6) to catalog and metatag; this is what my company uses for its photo library. Last week Adobe creative cloud prompted me to upgrade Lightroom; I was using 5.7, and the newest version is 6.1. In doing so, the captions and copyright information that I write in Lightroom are no longer showing up when they come in to MediaBin.



      At first I thought the metadata was getting stripped following being exported from Lightroom (exported as TIFFs), but when looking at the files in photoshop, I can see all of the metadata is present. I then began a series of tests to try and figure this out.




      I first moved a previously exported TIFF file from the previous version of Lightroom into MediaBin, and I could see the data that was embedded. MediaBin was working as it should.




      Next, I took a file exported as a TIFF from the new Lightroom and moved it into MediaBin. I could not see the metadata, as expected. Then I downloaded it from MediaBin- as I would do to fulfill a photo request- and opened it in Photoshop. I was surprised- all the metadata was there! For some reason, MediaBin just couldn’t see it.




      Finally, on a lark, I exported a file from the new Lightroom, but this time made it into a JPEG. When I moved this into MediaBin, I could see the metadata! I tried this with other file formats- DNG, PSD- and only the TIFF files show up minus their metadata.




      What could cause this to happen, and only in TIFF form? I am under the impression that Metadata is just simple text information attached to a file, but I am confused that only in TIFF form do we have an issue.