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    FlashPaper Links Question

      I am creating a Newsletter for my company in InDesign CS2. I export it as a pdf and then attach hyperlinks in Acrobat. When I convert the edited pdf to FlashPaper the hyperlinks don't work. Is it possible to have this type of link in a FlashPaper document? If so could someone point me in the right direction.


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          I'm looking to do the exact same thing, but have run into the same issue. I'm creating a document in another application. Then bring it into Acrobat, create text links and resave as a PDF. Links work great in the PDF. I convert it to Flash Paper and none of the links I've created work any longer. In addition, the text search feature doesn't work either. Am I doing something wrong, is there a work around for this bug? It seems to me that Adobe is advertising this thing will convert your documents to Flash and still be able to have links and search the document. None of which works...

          I've tried PC and Mac in several browsers. FireFox, IE7 and Safari with Flash Player 9. Any help would be great! Thanks!
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            This is not very helpful, but I just want to add that I'm having the same exact issue where hyperlinks in a PDF won't carry over to the SWF after conversion. It seems like this feature should be a no-brainer. If anyone has information about this, please share.