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    Read out loud [iOS]


      How does work The Read-out-loud for Acrobat teaser D.C. Pm IOS 8.3?

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          Read insteiad of reed.

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            Currently, Acrobat DC for iOS does not provide an In-App "Read Out Loud" (or Text-to-Speech) feature to read a PDF document.  There are no buttons or menus to start, pause, or stop reading the contents of a PDF document within the app.


            You could use Apple iOS built-in screen reader "VoiceOver" to read a PDF document.  But it probably does not work as you expect.  Because VoiceOver reads all buttons and other controls that you select on the screen.


            You can go to iOS Settings > General > Accessibility > VoiceOver to turn it on and navigate back to an opened PDF document in Acrobat DC for iOS to have VoiceOver read the PDF contents.


            Accessibility support


            Once VoiceOver is turned on, you need to use special gestures, such as three-finger swipe or double-tap, for navigation.  (However, many users find it difficult to navigate with VoiceOver turned on.)


            For the In-App Text-to-Speech feature request, please use the following form.


            Adobe - Feature Request/Bug Report Form


            The Product Management team will take your request into consideration for a future release of Acrobat DC for iOS.


            Thank you for your inquiry.