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    Hear an audio track across multiple compositions?

    snorpthus Level 1

      Is there a way that I can hear the audio track that is on one layer of a composition while ram-previewing in another composition?  I am working on a music video, and precomped a few elements within one comp, but left the music in the original comp.  Now that I'm editing elements in the precomp, I want to hear the audio so I can sync up the music.  Should I just drop an additional audio layer into this precomp and sync it up manually, and then make sure that the audio is disabled for the precomp in my main comp, or is there are more efficient way to do this that I'm overlooking?   Do Guide Layers have anything to do with this, or am I totally off base?

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          yes, use another layer. You simply structured your project wrongly.



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            Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I agree with Mylenium about the structure of your project. It takes experience to know the most efficient way to manage a project. If you need audio in a pre-comp then duplicate the audio track in the main comp before you pre-compose, add the duplicate audio to the pre-comp, then immediately turn off the audio in the pre-comp layer so you don't have duplicate audio tracks in the main comp.


            It may be that you are trying to composite scenes that are two long in AE, which is a very painful process. Most of my AE comps are only a single shot, some are short sequences of two or three shots and on rare occasions I'll include more than a sentence of dialogue. Editing is done in Premiere Pro, compositing and effects are done in AE. You'll find that changes are easier if you work this way.

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              snorpthus Level 1

              Thanks Mylenium and Gerard for your responses.  Yes, Gerard, with each project I get better and better at making my projects more efficient.  The first project I ever worked on included almost the entire 2 minutes in one comp, which obviously made work towards the last seconds extremely slow moving and heavy on my CPU!  I've since learned to do what you say, use a comp for only 1 or 2 shots.  Proxies have also helped a great deal. 


              The correct method you supplied here, to simply duplicate the audio layer before precomping and include that layer in your precomp, is such a "DUH" moment for me right now!  Such an obvious and simple solution and I totally missed it!   Thanks!