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    Has Lightroom CC removed the ability to Batch apply changes to many files at once (after import) using presets?


      I've just upgraded to Lightroom CC and most of the changes are very welcome - especially the performance improvements.

      However I've been processing several thousand images and in Lightroom 5 when wanting to apply changes to many images at once it was as simple as selecting the group of images and then right clicking, selecting Develop Settings and then selecting one of my many Presets from a sub menu.


      This sub menu seems to have disappeared in Lightroom CC.


      This is a MASSIVE problem for me as I cannot work out how to apply the presets to multiple images anymore.   I note that there is a tutorial on how to do it during import - but I want to specifically be able to do it post import, during development of large groups of images for clients.


      Anyone know what has happened here and how we can get access to applying presets to multiple images during development under Lightroom CC?