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    Attaching LR pic to mail message


      Hi all. 


      I have just migrated from Aperture to a LR trial (due to the fiasco generated by Aperture's replacement by Photos App).  Is it possible to attach a LR pic to an existing email from outside LR?


      As an example I have had an email exchange with my dog's Vet.  In a reply I want to attach a pic of my dog - but when I hit the "Attach" icon there doesn't seem to be a direct link to LR (like there is to Aperture, Photos App, iPhoto etc)??  Is the only way to do this to go into LR and generate a "new email" direct to the Vet??


      Another related issue - if I want to attach a pic to an Ebay auction can I directly access a pic from LR?





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          ManiacJoe Adobe Community Professional

          Pictures are not actually "in" Lightroom.

          Your pictures are on your hard drive(s). Lightroom references them by pathnames.

          Edits in LR are stored as instructions in the LR catalog/database. For other apps to see those changes, you need to "export" the edited picture from LR.

          After exporting the picture as a JPG, you can then attach the JPG to an email or upload it to ebay.