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    Exporting a slideshow to video in LR CC 2015 crashes program


      Every time I try to export a slideshow I created in LR cc 2015 to Video, it proces for a while and then the program crashes. Te slideshow plays fine if I hit the "Preview" button, and the "Export to PDF" and "Export to JPEG" appear to work OK. I am using Win & 64 bit OS, i& CPU w/ 8 gig RAM.Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Not sure what to do to troblshoot or fix. Have trided using smaller files for the photos, rebooting PC and only opening LR and nothing else, all with same result. The process appears very unstable, because I have noticed that if I touch ANY key while it is outputting, it immediately crashes the program, which makes me think maybe its a bug. Thoughts?