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    Field prompts?

    YossiD Level 1

      I have created a form that needs to be signed by a number of people. For each signature field I also have text fields for the signer's name and the date of signature. (I know that name and date can be included in the Acrobat signature, but that's not an option here.) For aesthetic reasons, the fields have no borders or fill, so it's difficult for the users to know exactly where they are. The fields have tooltips, but it's still not so user friendly.


      I have thought of a number of ways to improve this, but I can't find how to implement them:

      1. Add arrow prompts similar to those that appear automatically with signature fields. When the field is filled, the prompt should go away.
      2. Add text prompts that disappear as soon as something is entered in the field. A lot of web forms work that way, but I can't find a way to do it in Acrobat forms.
      3. Add borders to the fields that only appear on the screen but not when the form is printed.


      Does anyone know if it's possible to implement any of these, and if so, how to go about it?


      I'm open to any other ideas as well.


      I cannot make any of the fields mandatory since each section needs to be signed by someone else.