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    Mask that tracks and resizes with object?


      Hello everyone. I've got this footage where the zebra stripes had been recorded on half of the interview. The interview is about 15 minutes long and 10 minutes into the footage the zebra stripes were there. No idea how they managed to do that.


      So in my head I thought. Hmm well, I can create a freeze frame from a frame in the beginning of the interview that doesent have zebra stripes on them. Recreate the window behind the person and then create a mask around him and track it. So I created a mask around the person on the image below and used mask tracking. Hoping that this solution could save me alot of time. But of course things are never easy


      I have to get that mask to follow the shape of this person during the entire interview. But of course this person moves his head around so it looks like this later on. I hope that I dont need to rotoscope 7500 frames.


      So I guess I have two questions:

      1. Can I get that mask to follow the person and change shape as the person move?

      2. Does anyone have tips on removing these zebra stripes?


      Crossing some fingers here.