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    Lr CC won't open. Tried signing out and back into CC and other suggested solutions.


      I use Window 8.1. Downloaded CC trial two weeks ago and installed Lr 5 and Ps. I created the Lr catalog in a location other than that suggested by Lr 5 (a secondary drive). Lr 5 and Ps worked fine and I intended to buy the Photography package. Then I upgraded to Lr CC and uninstalled Lr 5. Lr CC won't open. The Trial screen appears, I click on "Continue Trial," it goes away and Lr doesn't open. I tried signing out and back into CC numerous times, I uninstalled and reinstalled Lr CC and even the CC app, still nothing. I tried deleting the .lrcat.lock file but couldn't find it, so I deleted all the catalog files and folders (it was just a practice run). There seems to be no way to get Lr CC to open.