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    Where have my cross reference formats gone?

    FiLiP Level 1

      Hi guys,

      I'm working on a technical document and have gotten around to doing the cross references. In short, when I go to the x-ref dialog (after I click 'create new cross reference) having selected my text, there is none of the usual options such as 'Full paragraph', 'paragraph number and page number' etc at all in the Format box.. Where did they go? If i click the pencil icon and try and build a new X-ref format, it won't save it, and in every case when i click the paragraph style i want to reference Indesign crashes completely. I've used this feature many times in several documents with no trouble at all in the past. So is it my document that knackered or is it my copy of InDesign that's become corrupted via an update or somesuch, or am I a plebian who's doing something wrong? Any advice anyone could offer would be lovely.

      I've tried trashing my preferences to no avail, and saved the document as an IDML then back to .indd still with no luck.

      Im using a Windows PC running InDesign CS5.5.

      Many thanks