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    LR CC long delay rendering working image.


      Been using for a couple years now. After import I typically create 1:1 previews. LR and PS CC on a 512 SSD with cache on C drive. Working files on 2nd SSD. GTX GPU enabled. Will often select "edit in PS" from LR to keep the files all in one place.

      While editing in PS , after saving, the image in LR would reflect the PS edits. I prefer to look at them in LR full screen by pressing "F" to review my progress.

      In LR 5.7 it might take 5 seconds to render, then it would be sharp. With LR CC, it's not only taking 3 -5 times longer, it's also taking that long each time I go back an forth between images to become sharp even though I've done no additional edits to the file. Going full screen it can take 20 seconds or more before the render is sharp.

      What is going on?