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    Indesign corrupt files


      What is being done to make InDesign better?  Our users seem to have many corruption issues which seem to be resolved either by "cleaning" the files by exporting them to .IDML or by deleting and recreating the preferences file.  I cannot seem to reproduce the scenarios that cause these corruptions ( i.e. doing steps A, B, C results in corruption) but I can be assured every day one of our users has an issue with a corrupted file.  I have done the usual with keeping software up-to-date, operating systems patched, device drivers current, etc., all to no avail.  I would like to know how serious Adobe is about getting to the root cause of these corruption issues.  Obviously file corruption is a known problem if there are knowledge based lists on how to resolve the issues and software has been created to scan and fix corrupted files.  What I am looking for an Indesign fix that prevents these file corruption issues in the first place.  I would like some thoughts and comments about this.


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          That sort of common corruption problem would be symptomatic of a configuration issue on your systems -- bad fonts, conflicting plugins, or conflict with other programs running in the background.

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            johnh35538606 Level 1


            Thanks for the response. This brings up addition questions.

            How do I tell if there is a “bad font”?  There doesn’t seem to be any correlation of corruption if “Arial” is used versus “Courier New” versus “Courier”.  If the file becomes corrupt and we export it and import it to clear the corruption, we continue to use the same fonts and continue to work on the project until completion.  If the fonts are bad and we continue to use them, we would never get the project completed as file would corrupt straight away.  When we export and import the corrupt file, we do not notice any font or style change on the screen like a “bad font” got cleared during the process. 


            As for plug-ins, there seems to be Adobe plugins on these machines.


            As for conflicting programs, do you have a list of programs that conflict with InDesign?  How can I tell if another program is causing a conflict? If the person is running InDesign and they open Microsoft Word to perform another task, would this cause InDesign to corrupt its file?


            I am currently taking the step of setting up a bare bones machine for a trial.  The machine will have Windows 7 OS, Microsoft Office 2010, and InDesign loaded on it and that’s it.  This hopefully will eliminate conflicts with other programs. 


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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              Doesn't sound like a bad font, and probably not a plugin problem if you don't have any third party plugins installed (how about a font manager auto-activation plugin?).


              Browser plugins, particularly in Chrome, are know to cause trouble, though it seems more prevalent for Mac users, and of course some A/V or Malware scanners can be a problem. Best way I know to test is with MSConfig, turning off everything non-essential, testing, and then bringing things back online in groups, but it can be time consuming if the problem is intermittent or takes time to mainfest.