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    application manager  is missing or damaged




      Just installed Lightroom 6 upgrade from 5.7. On launch I get message that application manager  is missing or damaged and required for licence verification. Launch continues normally after dismissing message. My CS6 Master suite starts normally. Can I ignore this?

      When installing I received a message that previous version was not found, although a properly licensed version 5.71 was installed. Maybe this is connected? Another possible: my motherboard failed recently and was replaced, Photoshop reverted to trial version and required reinsertion of my licence.

      Using Windows 7 64 bit.




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          genefama Level 1

          I'm experiencing the same thing, and the link it sends me to for the Application Managet is dead.


          I don't have CC, just the standalone LR6. Everything seems to load normally after the warning but I've had trouble shutting down and for a while when opening LR6 would ask if I wanted to open a newer catalogue than the one it was seemingly defaultIng to, in spite of the fact that all the work from my previous session was in the newer catalogue and I hadn't opened the older one since moving from LR5.

          Feels like file corruption.