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    Lightroom & dual display issue

    jiml1948@mac.com Level 1

      I have a MacBook Pro and an external NEC MultiSync monitor. I'm running on the latest Version of Yosemite. I keep my MacBook Pro as home base so to speak and the external monitor secondary. i used to be able to keep Lightroom as a floating window and that feature seems to have disappeared. What is really frustrating is that if I make the wrong move with my mouse Lightroom winds up on the other monitor. Sometimes I can get it to return with a mouse click on my laptop but not always, So then I have to quit lightroom and start over. this may be considered an Apple issue but I away have this problem with Lightroom. I've had it with both versions 5 and now 6. Anyone know the right way to deal with this.

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          Hi, jiml1948

          Sorry, I'm not sure to understand the issue but I thin holding down shift and pressing F key toggle to different windows view (including floating window). I hope it helps.

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            jiml1948@mac.com Level 1

            Thanks, just being able to get the floating window back I think will solve most of my issues. I really wish Apple had left the dual display thing alone.

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              Glad to help you. 

              By the way, I'm not able to start up LR6 with the main window (the one with panels) in my second monitor. I guess - looking at your configuration (macbook and second monitor)- you develop the pictures in your NEC monitor, so you need the panel and slider there, and leave the primary monitor or MacBook Pro to grid view (thus). Then every time you launch LR you need to change the main window to second monitor via shortcut shift + F and drag it. At least this is my case with LR6, and I don't know how to fix it. Tedious.

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                jiml1948@mac.com Level 1

                What I do is I open up the main Lightroom panel on my MacBook Pro and then I open the secondary display on my NEC monitor. and use it in the loupe function when I get down to doing critical work and adjusting exposure. The problem with the laptop monitor is that viewing angle is critical. What was frustrating for me was not being able to use Lightroom as a floating window. Started out that way and then with the wrong keystrokes I lost that ability and then what would happen is that if I tapped my mouse or did something wrong way on the second monitor the Lightroom panel would switch to the second monitor but I wouldn’t be able to access the drop-down menus and occasionally I could get it to switch back when I found myself rebooting more often than I care to mention. And then I couldn’t access my doc file if Lightroom was the active app. so it’s been a pain in the butt when you told me has been a big help so thanks

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