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    Trying to install CS 5.5 on a newer computer (Windows 7) and I am told to "please restart computer." Restarting doesn't resolve anything


      I am trying to install CS 5.5 on a newer computer and every time I go through setup the serial number comes back good (green check mark, etc.) but then when I proceed with install, I am told to "please restart computer." No error number just "please restart." After restarting 5 or 6 times I realized there must be a deeper issue. I first made a basic mistake (forgot to deactivate the serial#) so I went back on to the original device and, interestingly, when I re-installed InD CS5.5 on the old computer, there was no incident. It then proceeded to function normally and opened just fine, I deactivated the serial#, and went back to the new computer. After installing and trying again, I got the same message "please restart computer."


      This was a license that allowed for multiple installs and I have put this program on a Win7 (pro) laptop before using the same serial number and had no issue. Now I am on an Asus Desktop running Win7 (home) and and am having this please restart problem. Could it be an OS issue? Any ideas of what to try?

      Thank you all, I hope someone can help.