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    Failed to package book for print - now hundreds of links are broken


      I have a book document with 32 pages (newspaper) locally on my mac. As I always do after finishing my document, I chose to package the book for print, and save it to CC files server. The packaging process never finished, so after 30 minutes I had to force shut-down on InDesign. When re-opening the book file, I discover that ALL the documents has broken links. Some of the links belongs to the master pages, and most are specific to only this document, and they are located in several different folders on my mac. It will take hours to re-locate all of this links for each page.


      I think I have been experiencing this before, but miraculously it all changed back to normal. Now, however, a restart of my mac didm´t do anything.


      Why is this happening, and do anyone have a quick solution to fix this?


      Thank u in advance