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    How do I control saturation of images / buttons via script (not in the timeline)


      I want to control the saturation of an image (a button / jpg within the page) using script.

      (I can do it via the timeline, but that doesn't suit my purposes.)


      I can do scaleX or scaleY just fine, but all the methods I've tried for saturation don't work.


      I started using the greensock plugins because they give other nice functionality.

      Here's what I've tried doing with that:


      var tl = new TimelineMax();

      tl.to(sym.getSymbol("Button").getSymbol("ButtonSaturation").$("ButtonImage"), 0.25, {scaleX:1.05, scaleY:1.05, saturation:1.5});

      The scaling works fine (this stuff is in a mousover event, I have the scaling back to 1 in the mouseout).