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    Help updating an ancient script for use with InDesign CC 2014?

    Angela Snyder

      This is a REALLY old script we've used for years and it appears it no longer works with InDesign CC 2014. Up until now, it's functioned happily as long as we placed it in a Version 4.0 Scripts folder. We don't do any scripting (someone wrote this for us ages ago), so we're really kind of stuck. Maybe a kind soul out there will take pity on us and lend a hand? Basically we use this to clear out all of those pesky local overrides that carry over from .doc/.docx files. It's been a very useful tool and we're kind of in mourning at the moment. Any help is greatly appreciated!


      tell application "Adobe InDesign CC 2014"

          set myStyles to every paragraph style of document 1

          set find to nothing

          set chg to nothing

          set myStyles to rest of myStyles -- dump "No Style"

          repeat with myStyle in myStyles

              «event K2  Find» document 1 given «class for »:"", «class FRpT»:"", «class wFnd»:{applied paragraph style:myStyle}, «class wChg»:{applied paragraph style:myStyle}

          end repeat

      end tell