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    DEADLINE: Problems on changing resolution

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      I use resolution xtra to change resolution in my programm
      The program window is 1024x768.

      Application can have 2 states: Fullscreen(resolution is changed to 1024x768)
      and window with titlebar (resolution is reset)

      If I define in displayTemplate properties that no titlebar is visible,
      averything works fine - I can swich between fullscreen and window-mode
      without problem.

      But when I set titlebar on my application visible and the type of window is
      #document, resolution is not changed correctly:
      on change to Fullscreen a taskbar is visible over my window, quicklaunch-bar
      is over my window, a part of titlebar is visible above and I can not hide
      this all. If I change then to window-mode, the window is not restored
      correctly to size1024x768 - it fills the screen and the movie is positioned
      in left upper corner, the restof window is not updated when Movie is moved

      If I change type of window to #tool or #dialog - everything works fine -
      swich between fullscreen and window-mode is correct, but I can not move with
      ALT-TAB other applications-Windows before my director appp-Window, it always
      stays on top.

      I tried to change displayTemplate properties on runTime, for example

      in fullscreenmode

      and in window mode

      but it has no effect - only options that are set in Authoringmode are valid

      How can I solve this - I need a fullcreen mode, that fills a screen without
      titlebar and window mode - with titlebar but such window, that can be moved
      behind other app-windows with ALT-TAB?

      Any help will be appreciated