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    Can someone take a look at my project? Just a Chat room




      I was doing pro bono work for a non-profit to give them a communication tool(Chat room with the ability to turn screen black in case of non emergencies)


      This chat room works perfectly in Flashbuilder in debug.


      But when I put it on an Android device, for some reason the P2P communication will not work.


      Download and import this project:



      You'll need Flashbuilder and likely Flex 4.6


      All you need to do is click the yellow arrow and put in a room+password.

      If it is working, when you send stuff at the bottom you'll see an echo in the textbox


      Window would look like: www.crystalfighter.com/bin/csemt.png


      For me it works in the Android Emulator in Flashbuilder, but not actually on an Android device.


      Any help would be appreciated.