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    Cannot upgrade from LR4 to LR6


      Hello, I am stuck.. I purchased the LR6 upgrade from LR4 and Adobe says that my product key in invalid.  I need help please..

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          To register your LR 6 you will need a LR 6 serial number, first, then your LR 4 serial number after choosing that LR 4 is the previous product the upgrade pricing is based on.  LR serial numbers have always started with 1160- and have 24-digits in total (don’t post yours, here, to a public forum). 


          If you don’t have an 1160-whatever number for LR 6 then it is something else other than a serial number and you may need to find the serial number.

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            jchang83 Level 1

            Hi ssprengel, I have a LR6 product key that does begin with 1160, I purchased the upgrade from adobe.com and paid the $85 upgrade charge.  I am trying to install the new version and I enter the new product key that I was given when I made the purchase, the installation setup then asks for my old product key which I then enter (from my LR4 key) and a warning pops up saying that it is "invalid."  It is not, invalid, I purchased LR4.


            Basically it won't let me move forward without accepting my old LR4 key.. What do I do now?

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              JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Was Lightroom 4 your first purchase, or did you have and even older version?

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                jchang83 Level 1

                The original was LR2, but then I upgraded to 3 and then 4.. I skipped 5 and now I have purchased the upgrade to 6. Thanks for the question JimHess.  But I cannot move forward with the installation, so I am kinda stuck.  I just need solutions so I can edit photos (it's been 6 days with no reply from adobe).