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    Can not read the added text [iOS]


      Can not read the text added at adobe acrobat dc for ios at windows and Linux as well as at Google disk. Looks like some fonts crash. What can be done?

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          MobileDeveloperCK Adobe Employee



          Sorry for the problem that you have experienced.


          This particular defect (that affected text annotations only) has been fixed in Acrobat DC for iOS version 15.0.2.


          You will no longer see the problem if you add new text annotations using Acrobat DC for iOS version 15.0.2 or newer.


          For the existing text annotations, please perform the following steps to correct the problem.


          1. Make sure to update Acrobat DC for iOS to the latest version from the App Store.
          2. Open the PDF document containing the existing text annotations in Acrobat DC for iOS.
          3. Tap an existing text annotation to display the context menu.
          4. Select Edit.
          5. Make some changes to cause the Save button to be enabled (e.g. add space at the end of text)
          6. Tap Save.
          7. Revert the previous changes, if necessary.
          8. Tap Save.
          9. Repeat Steps 3-8.


          The text annotations will be fixed and saved correctly so that they can be viewed on different platforms such as Windows, Linux.


          Alternatively, you can delete the existing text annotations and add new ones instead of editing them.


          This may be a tedious process if you have a lot of existing text annotations with the problem.  Sorry for the inconvenience.