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    First person perspective room

      What is the feasibility of creating a first person perspective room in flash/as? My company has a requirement to create a virtual branch (I work for a bank) and have a client go in and use the arrow keys to move around the room, approach a teller and interact with a 3d model with sequenced animation. I am so new at flash I dont know what is possible, but I have seen 3D worlds where you can walk around (albeit simplistic) with object collision. The only drawback was that the coding was complicated.

      Has anyone done this and or has any ideas as to where I should be looking to find out more on how to do this project?
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          Thumbslinger Level 1
          I'm doing something similar but I'm building the room/space in Cinema4D and using, ultimately, flv files. I would think you could film the simple sequences in the bank with a basic digital camera and then use a form of rotoscoping or just tracing keyframes of the video with vector lines.

          But, you'll have to create animations of the teller which isn't easy to do unless you do that sort of thing. Maybe buying pre-existing models would be easier to do.

          Sounds like it might be quite a bit to chew for a beginner!
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            dhtmldude Level 1
            Those were my thoughts too but Im simply doing the research on a proof of concept. The cinema scene thing has been done many times over. We want something different thus all the complication, almost bleeding edge, with the technology. Thanks for your input, very appreciated (and hard to come by).