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    Printing a PDF created in Indesign results in blurry text.


      Hello All,


      I am in need of assistance.

      I have created a flyer for one of my companies products in In-design.

      When I print the project directly form In-design the print looks great and the text is nice and crisp.


      However, when I export the project to a "Press Quality" PDF, and print it the text comes our blurry and "dirty"


      I have been trying to fix this for 2 days now with no luck.


      I have tried multiple different setting during the export to PDF form In-design, all resulting in the same issue.


      What is strange is when I print the PDF in black and white the text look just as good as if it were printed directly from In-design in colour.


      I looked around online and found allot of posts regarding this issue but no definitive results.


      I have also checked the colour of the text and it is 100%K.