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    Complentary Upgrade to Lightroom 6


      Today I was at Bestbuy and purchased Lightroom 5. When I got home I talked to a friend who said that Lightroom 6 had been released; however, it was not on the shelf at Bestbuy nor was it in their computer system. I tried to find an appropriate contact number at Adobe but nothing seems to work. In order to find out whether I can get a complementary upgrade Adobe requires a serial number; however, if I open the box, submit the serial and Adobe says "no", then I'm out $200. Has anyone been in this situation and, if so, what happened?

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          Arpit Kapoor Adobe Employee

          Hi Khuskhus,


          Would suggest you to return Lightroom 5 to Bestbuy and then purchase Lr 6 upgrade from here, Products


          ~ Arpit

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            Couscous Level 1

            Hi Arpit


            The clerk could not find Lightroom in their computer system so I looked at their software list. I found it listed as Adobe Photoshop Lightroom. Since, Lightroom 6 was not listed I assumed that Lightroom 5 was the current version. I have not opened the box therefore I'm assuming that I can return it for a refund; however, getting to the store is inconvenient.


            I saw on their website that Adobe has a complimentary upgrade program for situations like this so I hoped to start using the program now and get a complementary upgrade. Unfortunately, their online process requires a serial number and I have not found a way to talk to anyone from Adobe to get a direct answer from them. Perhaps, as you say, my best option is to go back to Bestbuy, try to get a refund and, if that works, wait until Lightroom 6 is in the stores.


            - khuskus

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              Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

              Do I qualify for a free upgrade?


              Please contact our Chat team first of all to find out if your purchase falls within the eligibility period.





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                Couscous Level 1

                Thank you for the suggestion. A Chat option is what I expected to find when I went to Adobes's website; however, in my search through Adobe support trying to find out about upgrades I neither found a chat option nor was I presented with a chat pop-up which I've seen on other sites. I did find chat options for "Downloading and Installing" problems (requires registration) as well as one for "Membership" issues but that's all.


                Since I just purchased the product yesterday (April 29) and the new version is not yet in the stores I feel that I should be eligible; however, Adobe's policy is not clear (register, contact us and perhaps we'll give you an upgrade). My concern is that Adobe might only offer complementary upgrades when the product is purchased before the release date of the new version.


                Can you give me a link that will allow me to chat with Adobe about this?



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                  Beverley Gray Adobe Employee

                  Hi there


                  Please go to this document - Do I qualify for a free upgrade?


                  Under 'Apply for upgrade' there is a Contact us link


                  Contact Customer Care


                  Click on the 'Still need help? Contact us' link to get Chat support.