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    What graphics card will work well with i7-4790k, 4ghz, 32GB desktop?


      what video card would you recommend for the desktop below that I am researching?

      is this PC over specked or about right for editing videos and animations in AE and PR in C-Cloud?


      Intell 7- 4790k, 4Ghz, four core, with 32Gb of Ram, 2Tb storage (with 120Gb of SDD). 

      L3 cache 10gb? will 8mb do?

      64 bit. Windows 8.1.

      HSus H81 motherboard.

      Dedicated Quadro video card? (Please advise on one for animation and video. I will be using Adobe After Effects and Premier Pro and have heard about benefits of Cuda on 3d animation and rendering times).