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    Trigger LR6 import not LR5.7


      I've recently upgraded from LR5.7 to LR6 (standalone). The LR6 install has left LR5.7 installed, which is fine. But when I put by CF card into my reader it triggers the automatic import for LR5.7 not LR6. In the Control Panel (Windows 7), I have no option to uninstall LR5.7. How do I get LR6 to start when the automatic import starts?

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          andymconnor Level 1

          I've even tried opening LR5.7 and turning off the preference to show the import dialog when a card is detected, and turning this on in LR6. Doesn't work as LR 5.7 is still opened on detection of the card.


          Though strangely, now the Windows Control Panel shows the option to uninstall 5.7....? It used to show just 6. Uninstalled 5.7 and the automatic import now doesn't work with an "application not found" error message shown by Windows.

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            trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Option 1

            Go to Control Panel> AutoPlay and look at the pull-down menu next to pictures. If Lightroom 6 is not in the list you will need a 3rd party 'Default Programs' editor. I found this one, but have not used it myself: http://www.7tutorials.com/customize-file-types-autoplay-default-programs-settings-default- programs-editor Please scan the file before using it with your antivirus scan tool as a precaution. Scroll down to 'How to Manage AutoPlay Settings' at the above link for instructions.

            Option 2

            I suggest making a backup copy of your LR5.7 catalog file just in case you need to revert back to LR5.7. Uninstall LR5.7 by going to Control Panel> Programs and Features and click on the entry for 'Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7.' Close all applications and restart your system. See if Lightroom 6 appears now in the above list.

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