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    Sony RX100 Mk3 - Image corruption on RAW import to Lightroom


      I'm using Abobe CC - newest versions


      I just got back from Europe with about 4,000 photos. I noticed a problem when I imported from my new RX100 mk3. It's the first time I've used the camera, which I'm pleased to report creates excellent images for its size.


      After importing this massive number of photos, I find:


      Jpegs are fine.

      RAW is fine generally speaking.


      However, when the sony was specifically in continuous bracket mode and shooting RAW (auto-shooting a bracketed set of 3 or 5 photos with one button press), I occasionally got some really crazy artifacts.

      Basically thin stripes across the photos where the stripes are misaligned with the rest of the photo.


      These artifacts do not appear on the camera LCD screen, and they were not created when the raw images were imported into either iPhoto or Sony PlayMemories software--even when subsequently moved into Lightroom.


      The artifacts only occurred when importing the raw images directly into Lightroom from the RX1000 iii (i.e. from the SD card).


      Just reporting it. My workaround is to replace the bad ones with imports from other software. But I probably won't be using Lightroom for importing until this is fixed.