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    Using Multiple-level folders in lightroom import


      Let's say I want to import images into the following directory structure  "USA\New York"  where "USA" and therefore "New York" does not exist.   I cannot use "Into Subfolder" as multilevel directories can not be entered here.

      P1.png  p2.JPG

      So I need to create the USA folder first and then import into "New York" ( switch lightroom will automatically create if it doesn't exist).


      To create the "USA" folder I can click here:


      This displays a windows dialog to create the new "USA" folder


      After clicking on Select Folder we return to Lightroom but newly created and selected folder does not appear in the destination folder list:


      The only way I can figure out how to add the USA folder is to exist Import and get into it again.  


      Once in appears in the list I can create the New York folder during the import by adding it here:


      Why do I have exit the import dialog and start it again to see the "USA" folder, especially when it was selected and passed back to Lightroom ?

      Is there way to refresh the folder list in the destination list without exiting Import ?


      For me it makes no sense to add the ability to create a folder and then Lightroom doesn't use it.