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    My pc is constantly reading the disk


      This may be beyond the scope of this forum, but has been building up over time and now it is to the point where I can't do anything.  As Soon as I launch AE my pc starts reading the disk and my progress is slowed to a crawl.

      I am trying to run "Ram Preview".  In the past I had no problem with this, but now my pc is struggling.

      I have a long piece of film strip but I have set in and out point, could the long film strip be contributing to the problem?


      I allotted about 1.5 gig of memory for other apps and I have 4.5 gig for after Effects

      .  Initially I had "Enable Disk Cache" checked but out of frustration I unchecked it to see what it did for performance. Things did not get any better.


      I frequently purge memory and cache and I choose to "Clean Database Cache" frequently.  Does not seem to improve anything.

      Now I am going to try

      1) "Uncheck"  "Render Multiple frames simultaneously"

      2) "Enable Disk Cache" again

      Please let me know if you see anything I have done that may be contributing to this problem

      Disk Cache.jpg


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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          First thing you should do is turn off MP rendering. RAM allocation should be in multiples of 2  so your 1.5 is not good.  MP rendering is buggy and completely ineffective with many video formats and plug-ins.


          You should read up on optimizing performance by simply typing "optimize performance" in the search help field at the top right corner of AE and read up.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            MP rendering with just 6 GB of RAM? Makes no sense. and the answer to your disk activity is your system's temp folder filling up.


            Important Directories | Mylenium's Error Code Database



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              geo_coy Level 1

              Mylenium  Rick Gerard I pretty much allowed Adobe to pic the temp folder. I thought the folder would auto expand as needed.  I never knew of a folder having a limited file size.  Let me read up on this.


              I know my  pc is at end of life, but I was waiting for it to get to  the end of its string before making a new purchase.

              Worth noting is, I usually buy my new pc from Best Buy.  I need to see and feel before making a purchase.  But I am thinking I may have to buy my next one that will need to meet Adobe specifications from the Dealer/ manufacturer. Any suggestions??

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                Dave LaRonde Level 6

                A choice of new machine depends not only on AE work, but also the OTHER applications you use currently or will use in the future.  Please fill us in.

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                  geo_coy Level 1

                  My primary work is with Photoshop, Premier Pro, After Effects, Audition and Chief Architect.   I have moved my training to After Effects  and Premier Pro because I have found more evidence of financial opportunities in Video and moving making.  My next computer will have to accommodate these applications.  Right now I have a pc with Windows 7 professional on it.  I am guessing my next  purchase will have the latest version of Windows what ever on it..  Let me know if you  need additional information

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                    Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Windows 7 is still acceptable. Perhaps when Windows 10 comes out, I'll consider upgrading.

                    That being said, this page should give some ideas of what to get: FAQ: What computer and components should I buy ?

                    And, yes, the ideal solution would be to purchase a workstation instead of a normal desktop. They don't tend to sell those at Best Buy (nothing against them - I actually like Best Buy - but they probably don't have what you need).

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                      geo_coy Level 1

                      Guys I just wanted to get back to you on my original questions about the pc is constantly reading the disk drive.


                      I made a couple of changes,


                      • I went back to Premier Pro and Isolated the pieces of video I wanted to work with in After Effects and cut them into short clips no more than 25 seconds long.  This way After Effects is not rendering a portion of a long clip
                      • Then I made the changes you guys suggested see the screen capture below.  I hope I got this right.  Bottom line is:  everything seems  to be working just fine.  AE still loses it way sometimes and I have to shut it down a restart and it is back to normal.
                      • I also noticed that purging the "Memory and Disk Cache" seems to free up needed resources for AE to use helps a lot.

                      My process for editing is like this

                      • I make a simple edit
                        I create a RAM  preview to decide if I like my edit
                      • I make a new edit
                      • Purge the "Memory and Disk Cache"
                      • May a new RAM preview
                      • Repeat

                      This is a time consuming process, but it the best process I have right now.  Let me know what you think




                      102_Preference Setting.jpg

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                        Dave LaRonde Level 6

                        The initial advice still applies: get more RAM.  Ain't no way around that one.

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                          Zino_VL Level 1

                          Sounds to me like you have a pc problem, not AE problem. Try running Ccleaner (Free version does just fine) to clean up your system cache and registry.

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                            geo_coy Level 1

                            Guys I am still considering buying a new computer.  Funds are limited so I need to set priorities.  You guys say I need a work station rather than a lap top which I can not get at Best Buy.  So I probably prefer HP products, I've had great luck with them over the years.  So where do I call to order this work station?


                            7-17-2015 7-09-28 PM.jpg


                            NVIDIA GPU.jpg