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    what the hell is this splodgy nastiness?

    getho Level 1



      I've had this on image previews since LR5. It happens in images with deep shadow - often with lots and lots of +shadows & blacks). It persists from library to develop module, and then sometimes in the develop module will disappear. Sometimes I have to make an edit for it to disappear.


      develop module image:



      But then I go back to the library and the splodgy nastiness is back.


      Its d800 nef raw files.

      If I zoom in in the library it will render properly (after ~15 seconds), and stay rendered when I zoom out, but often I'll go back to the image and bingo spldgy nastiness is back


      things its not:

      graphics card (new card gave same results)

      other hardware (motherboard/ram/cpu/hard drive) I've changed the lot and it still happens.

      D800 raw files (happens with d5300 raws)


      things it might be:

      some weird colour profile issue (same install of windows through hardware changes).  extreme process settings (I push the files to the max).