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    I'm being charged for cc but I don't have it, haven't had it in months!


      You would think adobe would have noticed that I haven't signed in since the first time. I downloaded cc to my old computer. When it broke and I bought a new computer, cc wouldn't recognize the new computer. It also wouldn't recognize other computers in the same house or on my network, despite the fact that cc is supposed to mean "creative cloud" in other words "you can use this on multiple devices". I was unable to download dreamweaver into creative cloud, and I am still being charged $10 a month for it.


      I attempted to find a customer service phone number or e-mail address to get help with this but so far I haven't been able to. I honestly don't even know my sign in information because when I clicked the sign up button after exploring my options in cc, it automatically signed me in and downloaded cc to my computer. The app was already open. I have no clue to this day what my sign in even WAS. Adobe has taken me for over $200 and I have not, at any time in the past year, had the opportunity to use ANY of their products. This, combined with some of the worst customer service I have ever seen


      I'm really unhappy. I am one of the few people paying for this product instead of torrenting it or hacking the codes: it seems to me that photoshop and dreamweaver are easier to steal than to legitimately purchase. I imagine that's pretty bad for business