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    mac townsend

      I have CS3. A remnant of when I was an Adobe output bureau a while back (don;t remind me<G>). And it works just fine under W8,1 Pro.


      I've used Ventura Publisher since 86 (when I bought a laser printer) , and their database publisher since about 91. It works fine under W 8,1.


      I am trying to learn how to bring database info into ID. Datamerge works, sorta. But not as well as Word mailmerge (f'goshsakes, or even Wordstar in the early 80s!) I can import a Ventura Database Publisher (which I have used for 30+ years) tagged text file into ID, sorta (one record comes in complete with photo, but the rest are simply text.). It seems to me that it is a procedural or otherwise solvable problem. DBP could squirt out a PageMaker importable file back in the day. 15 years ago. <G>


      I want to know how to produce, import, handle tagged text files. The ID manual refers to a pdf on the DVD. Well, we SB's had to download the thing. No DVD. (gawd did it take a long time! 2+GB!). David Blatner admits some diffidence on ID tagged text (as the guru of xtags from waaay back....?).


      Anyone have a clue as to where I can get that pdf?


      And, possibly, any improvements since CS3 in this regard?


      mac at adcomgraphics dot com. TIA