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    Lightroom taking hours to optimize catalog after facial recognition?


      I recently upgraded to Lightroom CC with facial recognition. After identifying a few hundred faces, I let it run for a couple of days to tag >100K photos in my library. A few hours ago I checked and it seemed to be done, so I closed Lightroom and got the usual "do you want to back up" prompt, so I said OK. After 3 or 4 hours, it's still optimizing the catalog. Lightroom is unresponsive and my computer (a pretty powerful Xeon with 48GB memory) is unusably slow.


      I'm planning on letting it run to completion because I don't want to destroy my catalog, but has anyone else had this problem? Or should I kill Lightroom and hope it actually made the backup before doing whatever it's doing?


      Not a great start for me with the latest upgrade...


      Thanks in advance.