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    Lightroom CC won't import images

    ddawg05 Level 1

      I just upgraded to lightroom CC from lightroom 5 and it won't import my images.  It shows a preview of them, but when I click import is says "importing images" but it never does and just sits like that.  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance.

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          Sunil_Bhaskaran Adobe Employee


          We have not seen this issue in Lightroom 6 or Lightroom CC.

          Could you please try again and post a screenshot of the same? Please provide details, such as your operating system (Mac / Windows.)




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            petehz Level 1

            I'm having a similar issue when trying to import from an external source (mobile phone connected via USB).  LR recognises that the phone is there but crashes after a time when searching for the files.

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              ddawg05 Level 1

              Last night I uninstalled LIghtroom CC to see if I could just go back to using Lightroom 5 and it is not importing in Lightroom 5 now either.  I'm on a mac OsX Yosemite.  Here is a screen shot of what it's doing.  Thanks for your help.  Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 3.46.16 PM.png

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                ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Can you show us a screenshot of your Import panel before you click Import?

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                  ddawg05 Level 1

                  Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 4.01.29 PM.pngJust trying to import a few pictures for a school project for my daughter.  Again, this is Lightroom 5.  When I upgraded to Lightroom CC this started happening so I uninstalled CC.  It just freezes on the import screen.  When I close out of it it says it's cancelling the job... so it acts like it is doing something but nothing is happening.  Thank you for your help.

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                    ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                    Here is a series of things to try to isolate where the issue might be, obviously do an Import after each time you change things, so you know what is affecting the Import:


                    • Presumably you've rebooted, but if not, or try it, again, this time actually shutting down so the power is off for a few seconds then turn it back on.
                    • Does it work to import if you open EOS_DIGITAL in the Files section, not the Devices section?
                    • Freezing (of LR6) suggests something incompatible is plugged into a USB port, somewhere.  It could be the camera or it could be a phone charging or who knows what.  Unplug everything except the camera/card-reader and try it.
                    • If it does work, then plug things in one-by-one to see which one was causing the issue, and then unplug it, again, to verify it was the problem.
                    • If it doesn't work with the card-reader or camera attached, then use an OS utility to copy the files to a temporary location on the hard-drive and see if things work better importing from there.


                    All this might be enough to determine the cause.  Other things you can try if you want would be:


                    • Try without converting to DNG.
                    • Try copying all the files on the card to a folder on the system hard drive using an OS function like Finder or Explorer, then format the card in the camera including a low-level format, then copy the files back to the card.
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                      ddawg05 Level 1

                      Thank you... I will try these.



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                        commentsgary Level 1

                        I'm having exactly the same issues with importing files into Lightroom CC too.

                        Originally I tried to import using the plugin from Aperture. The import stops after the first or second photo of each Aperture project.

                        SO I then exported all ,y  original photos from Aperture into a folder. Then I tried importing that folder of photos and it gets stuck as described in the first post.

                        MacOSX 10.9.5

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                          commentsgary Level 1

                          I can not be sure this specific action cured or solved my problem, however, everything started to work for me when I moved any *.AVI files out of the folders I was trying to import.

                          That is all I did. Now things seem to be importing well (at least if they are photos in folders).

                          Hope this helps someone.

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                            petehz Level 1

                            The solution for me appeared to be time.  I may have been too hasty and expected the images to be loaded for import too quickly.  I just left LR alone for a while and it seemed to do the trick.  Still seems to take much longer than LR5 though.

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                              dmoranphotog Level 1

                              I am also having a similar problem. Mine hangs before I get to even see the photo previews. Sometimes, I don't even get the import screen. I'm running the latest version of LR CC on a Windows 8.1 desktop. I've been experiencing this problem sporadically since I've upgraded from 5 to CC. I've tried importing from both SD card and a local folder on my desktop. I've rebooted. Sometimes that seems to work, sometimes not. Here is a screenshot of my library after trying to import (showing the photos from my previous import (it doesn't show, but the cursor is just a spinning circle).


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                                RedMustang Level 1

                                I'm having the same exact issues as ddawg05. I recently upgraded to Lightroom 6, and since then I have not been able to import images. I get screens that look just like the ones ddwag05 uploaded. I have tried rebooting my Mac, I have tried rebooting Lightroom, and nothing is working. I do get to see the preview photos, but once I click "import," I don't see them again. I gave it quite a long time, thinking maybe Lightroom 6/CC just takes longer, but the progress bar isn't showing any movement. It just gets stuck in one place, about 1/4 of the way over from the left, and stops. Any suggestions would be helpful. I have the same things plugged into my USB ports that I always have plugged in. Why would there be a problem now after I have been using Lightroom for years? It sounds like there is a glitch in Lightroom, and the suggestions are Adobe's way of getting around the glitch. Is Adobe working on a permanent fix for this issue? And, by the way, EVERYTHING takes longer in Lightroom 6/CC. Very frustrating. You expect upgrades to improve software, not take it a step back.


                                Also, I did try all of your suggestions and they did not work. However, I was able to import the images with Adobe Bridge, so the problem is definitely with Lightroom.

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                                  dmoranphotog Level 1

                                  Snice Adobe hasn't seen fit to answer in any meaningful way, I did the only thing I knew how. I uninstalled Lightroom (keeping my preferences/presets), and reinstalled it. Now it works. PITA, but successful.

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                                    RedMustang Level 1

                                    I guess I'll have to try that dmoranphotog. When you do an uninstall, are you asked about keeping preferences and presets?

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                                      dmoranphotog Level 1

                                      Yes. At least, it did when I uninstalled. R\To bew safe, backup all of your data (including presets and templates) first. Though that should go without saying.

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                                        SoloAnt Level 1

                                        This is not working for me either. All the same issues as above. Working on a Mac.


                                        I've tried all the usual stuff, deleted prefs, uninstalled, e.t.c.


                                        I left it in import mode "Importing Files..." for over an hour and nothing imported. I've also tried just selecting 1 image and still the same issues.


                                        I've copied all the images to my computer and I've also tried just moving the photos to the desired location and still nothing. Something is really wrong and it would be great to get a fix, this has been open for 6 days and seems it should be fixed by now.


                                        Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 8.19.54 PM.png

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                                          SoloAnt Level 1

                                          Since I've update to 2015 Lightroom this problem seems to be fixed.

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                                            matt_potenski Level 1

                                            I have not been able to import files in Lightroom CC either.  I am shooting Canon 5DMK3 - .cr2 files.  I had two.mov movie files in the folder and when I removed them I was able to import the RAW files.  Adobe needs to take a serious look at this.  I usually download all the files off a card via LR - image and movie files - that way I can add custom metadata and keywording during import.  This will def be a PITA if I have to change my workflow to deal with images and movies separately even if just for import.

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                                              Charles Vorndran Level 1

                                              Opened LR CC and converted existing CPVGolf-2.Ircat which is a Lightroom 5 catalog.  I'm running a Mac Mini with OS X 10.10.3

                                              Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.21.54 AM.png


                                              On Import, all 175 photos have been copied into the target folder ok but only 5 seem to be listed in the catalog, and even those are not readable:

                                              Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 10.25.17 AM.png

                                              The images are in such a state that no editing can be done on them in LR CC.


                                              In another catalog I was able to see 9 out of 108 photos in grid view.  Only one of those 9 rendered OK in develop but still, the message at the top was:

                                              Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 9.38.54 PM.png


                                              All the other image are so pixelated they cannot be useful.

                                              I deleted the preferences file Preferences

                                              /Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Lightroom6.plist as someone suggested but with no effect.


                                              As of this time LR CC is useless to me.  It would really be nice if Adobe had some email support or something.  I have put up with this problem for the 2 months since I first downloaded CC.  Right now, I always try to import images into the LR CC catalog and when that fails, I delete the images from the folder and the converted LR CC catalog and revert back to using LR 5 with the original LR 5 catalog.  In LR 5 I have absolutely no problem with viewing and editing all 175 of the previously mentioned images. 


                                              Just looking for guidance.  What can I test next?

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                                                douglaslogan Level 1

                                                I'm also having this issue.

                                                I am able to continue functioning my manually copying my files to the intended destination folder that would normally be created by Lightroom during import, and then in the Lightroom import dialog I select the ADD option.

                                                Seems to me the error takes place when Lightroom is asked to conduct any file handling.

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                                                  nebulaone Level 1

                                                  So, has this issue ever been fixed?  Imports worked, if I recall, directly after upgrading, but they do not work now!  I thought I was having memory card issues, but I get the same result when importing from a desktop folder.  I either get the file not read error shown below, or nothing as other have posted if I try the import again.  What the heck is going on ?????   I am on the current LR CC 2015 as of August 8, 2015.




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                                                    bbarker01@aol.com Level 1

                                                    Same issue for me and same screens

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                                                      lttlphotomiss Level 1

                                                      And the same for me....
                                                      It seems that images are randomly imported but most are not imported and LR gives the error as shown above.....

                                                      I tried deleting the files: /Users/[user name]/Library/Preferences/com.adobe.Lightroom5.plist and shut down my mac. after reboot it still doesnt import all files.....

                                                      And import seems slower than ever...

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                                                        DdeGannes Level 5

                                                        That message is indicating that you do not have the required permissions to read and write to the specific you are trying to copy the files to. In the import dialog box, right side panel under "Destination" and check and confirm you have read and write permissions for the folders you have selected.

                                                        You will have to change the permissions within the OS options not from Lightroom.

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                                                          nebulaone Level 1

                                                          Yes, I have full permissions to the destination drives. 


                                                          • 26. Re: Lightroom CC won't import images
                                                            DdeGannes Level 5

                                                            And all the folders and sub-folders? In the root of the main HD, not even to a "users" folder.

                                                            • 27. Re: Lightroom CC won't import images
                                                              MannyTographY Level 1

                                                              im having the same issues, i just did the latest CC update and now its all gone pete tong !!!

                                                              even pictures i viewed and worked on last evening it now says It cannot find. it wont let me reimport anything as it says there's nothing to import??

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                                                                dj_paige Level 9

                                                                You're having different issues than the above. If your photos are already in Lightroom, re-importing is a terrible idea, it will treat these newly imported photos as brand new photos with no edits and no user-supplied metadata. Never re-import!


                                                                If Lightroom says it cannot find your photos, please follow these instructions to fix the problem: Adobe Lightroom - Find moved or missing files and folders

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                                                                  nebulaone Level 1

                                                                  Yes, full RWX permission on all drives and folders in question, as long as

                                                                  LR CC doesn't use its own account to import. Previous version of LR worked

                                                                  fine with same configuration.


                                                                  Thank you

                                                                  • 30. Re: Lightroom CC won't import images
                                                                    dj_paige Level 9

                                                                    Perhaps the folders got changed accidentally. Did you actually determine what folder is specified in the Import dialog box under Destination and then check the permissions on that exact folder?

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                                                                      lttlphotomiss Level 1

                                                                      I "fixed" it by deinstalling LR6 and reinstalling it....
                                                                      Now it seems to work like before.... But I bet the problem is bigger considering the there are a lot of people with the same problem.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Lightroom CC won't import images
                                                                        nebulaone Level 1

                                                                        Okay, got it working.  So it was a bit confusing showing the destination as

                                                                        the 2015 folder, which is my normal folder structure, but it was trying to

                                                                        create it off the root of my system drive.  I changed the folder back to my

                                                                        photo folder and it works just fine.  Thanks for pointing out the

                                                                        permission suggestions, your last message about specific location had me

                                                                        taking a closer look!


                                                                        Take care!



                                                                        • 33. Re: Lightroom CC won't import images
                                                                          DdeGannes Level 5

                                                                          Glad to see you just figured it out, and things are working fine again.

                                                                          • 34. Re: Lightroom CC won't import images
                                                                            wlparks1photos Level 1

                                                                            I was unable to import images into Lightroom from a folder on my hard drive even after reboot.  I had my Sony Nex5 charging from a USB port on PC.  When I disconnected the camera, Lightroom was able to import the images from the hard drive.  Not sure why having a camera charging from a USB affects importing from a hard drive...

                                                                            • 35. Re: Lightroom CC won't import images
                                                                              jeffshattuck Level 1

                                                                              Nice that Adobe is basically not present for the discussion of their product. Great job, Adobe. Really spending the wheel barrows of cash your monopoly positions bring you. Deplorable.

                                                                              • 36. Re: Lightroom CC won't import images
                                                                                Alan11 Level 1

                                                                                I have the same problem using Lightroom cc 2015 and Win 10.  Every time I select an image and click on Develop the program hangs and I have to quit Lightroom.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Lightroom but that didn't work.  I could really do with a constructive response from Adobe.

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                                                                                  dj_paige Level 9

                                                                                  If you are having a problem getting into the develop module (as opposed to importing which is what we have been discussing), please put that in a separate thread.

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                                                                                    SnookAus Level 1

                                                                                    I can confirm that removing video files from import media/folder will remedy most import issues.  I wrestled with this for 2 days and finally read this thread...and removing video files worked for me.  To clarify...don't attempt to bring video into LR6 until they have an update that fixes this glaring issue.  Only import still images will import smoothly.

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                                                                                      VicciTallis Level 1

                                                                                      I keep returning to this thread in the hope that an answer will appear. I have tried all suggestions and still have the same issue on my Mac Air and Mac desktop.  I am unable to use Lightroom 5 either so am completely frustrated.

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