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    CDROM Get URL alternatives

    Brian the Lion

      This is just a quick post to pick some of your brains.

      I've been using flash for years and believe it or not I'm working on my very first flash based CDROM project.
      I'm nearing completion of the project when I just got an interesting question.

      Why is it that when I open a PDF from the CDROM does it have to open it in a browser window?

      Hmmm, good question I thought! - by default I just used get URL as the button commands as this CDROM is an upgrade
      of a web based version we used for the same company some time ago and now want to take further.


      My question is (hope I don't sound too dull):

      Is there an alternate way of scripting the buttons to access a PDF file on the CDROM other than get URL?

      cheers dudes