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    export all segments of a sequence as different files in one click




      I need to export all segments of a sequence as different files in one click.


      Here is what I want to accomplish in more details:

      I have a sequence with a single long video file in it. First, the sequence is cut to pieces by an editor. Then, each piece is given a name manually. We can assume that no transitions or any kind of effects are applied to segments.


      And I would like to run a script( or plug-in) and export all of the segments as separate files to the specified directory with the given names.


      I checked out the forum and found out that  something similar has already been discussed, but the solution went to private messages:

          - export based on in/out points in the time line using scripting


      Could anyone provide some references or the steps to solve the problem?


      Or if one can share an example or sample code it would be really cool!


      More specifically:

      Do I have to use scripting or SDK to accomplish the task?

      How to retrieve all segments of a sequence with in and out frames?

      Can I sequentially render them?

      Can I specify a preset to use for rendering?