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    presets disappeared

    Naveen Tripathi

      Hi! I used some presets (for text, image special effects, transitions, disolve, movements) in a project I created in After Effects CS6. When I opened the file in CC 2014 ver, 13.2 for further editing, all the presets applied had disappeared. How to resolve this?

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          Szalam Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Are you saying that you applied several different effects, saved your project, then reopened it (in a different version) and all of the effects and animation you had applied were gone? What was left? Could we see some screenshots? Are you sure you're looking at your main composition through the active camera?

          What happens if you open it in an older version?

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            Naveen Tripathi Level 1


            This problem faced by me was a bit old, but had posted it on this forum only now. After receiving your response, I tried it once again... and everything worked just fine. I wonder what the problem had been at that time, but its gone.


            Thanks for the response!