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    Flex Data Service : deployment and reusage

    Dieter Merlin
      I am currently trying out different deployment methods to deploy the flex.war on JBoss.
      So far the WAR-file itself and any other EAR/WAR that contains the contents of flex.war run properly.
      However as far as I understood this file is merely a template for your web application, meaning that I would have to include 10 MB of jars and several config files in every web application that uses flex.

      I want to know if there is a more scalable solution.
      I already tried to put most of the jars in the shared library folder of my container but then it throw ClassNotFoundExceptions from classes that are in the shared lib and since there is no clear document on what jar files are needed to run FDS and which ones can be left out, it is a little cumbersome to add the whole chunk for every web app.