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    Embeded video problem

      Hello folks,
      I had created 3 Scenes, each one representing one web page for my website. Those Scenes are actually Movie Clip Symbols. Within one of them I have an Embeded video clip (120 frames). When I put those Symbols on main Stage as 3 frames,(each of one for one web page) everything works fine. Except the fact that when I go to page with the video clip, that video is looping. Page itself stops fine like it should. But that clip never stops, even though I assigned "Stop" Action Script to it.
      Any idea, what I do wrong? Thanks for any input or suggestions.
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          KnowRama Level 1
          Possible reasons could be...
          1) Check for any "loop" option in the video property inspector.

          2) Check if the movieclip ( on stage ) that contains the video,
          has it's property set to "Movieclip" and not as "graphic" or "Button"

          3) Also see that you assign the stop() inside the movieclip which contains the video.


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            Bergg Level 1
            Hi KnowMind,
            thanks for your input. I had finally fixed that problem. I am not sure if it makes any sense or if it is correct fix. But i had placed stop() AS into the last frame of that video layer, instead of putting it into the last frame of extra layer called Actions. All I did was that I had cancelled that AS in ACTIONS layer and place it into that video layer. Its working now, so I hope it will be fine.
            Anyways, thank you so much for your advise.